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Cash Deposit Machine

Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is self-service terminal that enables you to deposit cash without any manual intervention of the branch officer. Now no need to fill deposit slips and stand in long queues at the cash counter. Deposit your cash through the simple and fast CDM installed in the branch and get instant credit in your account. To use the CDM, you need to have JJSB 11 digit Account Number in which to deposit the money.


       Instant credit in your account.

  •      Immediate receipt.
  •      No need to fill deposit slips.
  •      No need to stand in long queues.
  •      No need to sort and arrange your cash denomination wise.
  •      Credit facility is available 24*7, 365 days(Sunday and holiday also)

*Currently, these machines is available in Danabazar Branch.

 *For any query contact with the nearest branch.

 Deposit in any account by entering JJSB Bank’s 11 digit account number:

  •    Click “Cash deposit”.
  •      Enter account number in which you wish to deposit the cash.
  •      Machine will display the name of the account holder.
  •      If correct, click “Enter”.
  •      Place the money in the cash deposit slot and click “Continue”.
  •      Machine will sort the cash and will show the denomination-wise amount to be deposited.
  •       If correct, click “Deposit”.
  •       Amount will be deposited.
  •    Receipt will be generated