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About Us

The development, progress & success of any organization depends upon the group of dedicated workers involved in the organization. A commercial organization is not an exception to this view. The Jalgaon Janata Sahakari Bank is proud of its team of dedicated selfless workers, each one of the team is successful in his personal as well as professional life, still devoting much time in the building of the organization.Success of any organization is to be measured by the height achieved, but more important is the obstacles that it has overcome.Profit-making is the aim of any commercial organization like bank. Earning profit will build huge wealth, property & prosperity. But it is great belief of everyone of us that: "Carve the names on the heart of common man instead of carving names on marble". Social obligation must be met out, through different means, the bank can be one of them.In a sense the Bank is a social movement, wealth acquired with great efforts is used for the needy & deserving people. organizational work of ours is like a big tree having various branches, each branch equally strong on solid footing having universal blood group. Everyone can experience & enjoy the shadow of this big tree.